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Veuillez noter que pour l'instant, tous les événements LEADS sont listés en anglais seulement. 

Upcoming Events

November-13-2019, November-14-2019, November-15-2019
LEADS Internal Facilitator Certification Program - Thunder Bay, ON

Have you completed a LEADS Learning Series?

The LEADS Internal Facilitator certification (IFC) program equips candidates within community healthcare agencies, hospitals, health authorities, and regions across Canada with the skills and knowledge to deliver LEADS workshops internally, using the LEADS framework as the foundation.



CHLNet/LEADS Canada Webinar Series: Session 15

Changing Culture One Conversation at a Time 

Register for this free webinar on new thinking around managing performance of our health workforce.  Join Kelly Grimes, Executive Director of CHLNet, Stevie Colvin, and Alana Casement, both from Alberta Health Services for this informative hour of learning. 

Registrations are now closed as webinar is full.  Recording will be available on the LEADS Canada and CHLNet websites. 


LEADS IFC Renewal Webinar: November 2019

November 18, 2019

If you are already a certified LEADS Internal Facilitator and your license is expiring in 2019, you are required to renew your certification by attending one of the two-hour webinar prior to the expiration of your license. LEADS Internal Facilitator certification renewal webinars will be offered twice per year, in May and November.

Register for this renewal webinar


LEADS Canada Facilitator Certification Renewal - Nov 2019

November 28, 2019

If you are a LEADS Canada Facilitator (formally LEADS External Facilitator) and your certification license is expiring in 2019, you are required to renew your certification by attending this two-hour webinar.

Register for this renewal webinar


January-30-2020, January-31-2020, February-13-2020, February-24-2020, February-25-2020
LEADS Public Learning Series - Scarborough, ON

Are you thinking about earning your CHE?

Completion of a LEADS Learning Series provides the groundwork of leader skill learning. Our next 5 day, publicly offered workshop series is being offered in collaboration with Scarborough Health Network and the Canadian College of Health Leaders.



LEADS Certified Coach Application - 2020

Applications now open to become a LEADS Certified Coach

Certified LEADS Coaches are qualified to debrief the LEADS 360 Assessment. Appropriate debriefing of the LEADS 360 Assessment is a requirement for client purchase of LEADS 360 assessment licenses.

Apply today - Deadline is March 1st