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LEADS Workshops and Education

Through the Canadian College of Health Leaders, LEADS Canada offers a variety of customizable and interactive LEADS workshops for your organizations.

Bringing LEADS to Life

This interactive one-day workshop is custom designed for each client and is aimed at bringing LEADS to life within the organization. The workshop is particularly suited to working with teams, as a tool to enhance organizational effectiveness. 

Participants are presented with a leadership challenge currently being faced by their organization and work through it from the different perspectives offered by the five LEADS domains. The approach combines knowledge sharing and self-discovery, led by LEADS Facilitator . The Bringing LEADS to Life workshop offers a practical application of the LEADS in a Caring Environment capability framework within the workplace.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

  • Reflect on the leadership environment facing the organization;
  • Familiarize themselves with the LEADS in a Caring Environment capabilities framework as a learning platform;
  • Put LEADS to work as a change management and team building tool;
  • Build a stronger sense of empowerment around their organization in dealing with complexity and uncertainty; and
  • Gain insights on how to address change management under conditions of uncertainty.


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LEADS Learning Series


    The LEADS Learning Series is designed to support organizations’ efforts to develop leadership capacity. This series of five interactive, hands-on professional development workshops focuses on helping participants learn and experience the core concepts in the LEADS in a Caring Environment capabilities framework.

Each workshop is a practical, dynamic and interactive one-day session conducted by certified LEADS Facilitator and will provide an in-depth look at how each domain contributes to building capacity in health leaders. These workshops are ideal for those who want to assume broader leadership responsibilities, and to enhance their capacity to tackle the complex challenges facing their organization or health system. They provide practical skills in effective decision-making processes, influencing and inspiring others to execute a plan, creating and managing organizational change.

The LEADS Learning Series:
  • Creates experiences where new learning effects change in learners;
  • Promotes an environment where learners contribute meaningfully to the learning of others;
  • Values learners as individuals who bring expertise and life experience to their professional development;
  • Provides learners with practical applications of leadership knowledge and skills; and
  • Provides safe learning environments that are supportive, respectful, welcoming and inclusive.

Visit our resource page to download the Key Points To Leadership Growth or contact us for more information.


LEADS Internal Facilitator Certification

The Canadian College of Health Leaders, through LEADS Canada, wants to contribute to the creation of a level of consistency and quality to LEADS-based leadership development initiatives by health organizations across Canada, and avoid duplication of efforts and programs. The LEADS Internal Facilitator Certification program has been developed to equip leadership and Organization Development staff within hospitals, health authorities and regions across Canada with the knowledge and skills to deliver workshops and provide coaching to staff, using the LEADS framework as the foundation.

The aim of the LEADS Internal Facilitator Certification is to develop a thorough familiarity with the LEADS framework, its’ application in various contexts and to offer current and evidencebased facilitation methods which participants can use immediately in their leadership development strategies.

A key priority of the LEADS Internal Facilitator program is to enhance the ability of health organizations to integrate LEADS resources into their current programs, initiatives and priorities related to leadership development and succession planning. As part of the LEADS Internal Facilitator program, each candidate will: a) participate in either a three or five day LEADS Internal Facilitator workshop; b) design and c) deliver a LEADS workshop suited to their organization. The design is submitted to and assessed by the LEADS Facilitator (assigned by the College) prior to delivery, and certification is complete when the session is cofacilitated with the LEADS Facilitator.

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